Legislative Updates

Texas PTA adopts priorities for next Legislative Session
Texas PTA has adopted priorities for the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature that begins on January 8, 2019. Top priorities include:
  • Public school funding reform to make funding more equitable and adequate to meet the needs of all students
  • Literacy by third grade — prioritizing funding for full-day pre-kindergarten school for at-risk students
  • Comprehensive school safety legislation, including policies to improve access to Texas School Safety Center programs and services and funding for hardening of school facilities
  • Comprehensive student mental health plan of programs and services to help students be mentally strong, and systems to identify and provide services to students in need of mental health intervention
  • Funding for special education services sufficient to address the Federal Government’s corrective action
  • Support policies to strengthen anti-cyberbullying laws

READ the complete list of PRIORITIES here.