Legislative Updates

The day began with a Priorities Caucus where, Chairman Huberty, Rep Menendez, Rep Ashby and Rep Zerwas spoke about their views of the 85th legislative session. They also each took a few questions from the audience.

We marched on the capitol ending at the south steps for the rally.  Rep Donna Howard, Jeannie Stone, Richardson ISD Superintendent and Senator Royce West spoke at the rally. Senator Larry Taylor cancelled (although we saw him walking around the capital when he should have been speaking to the Rally).

LISD PTAs had 31 people attending, the most ever! Parents (including 3 dads), 8 students, two principals and an assistant principals did a great job advocating for our students.

We visited Rep Giovanni Capriglione, Rep Tan Parker, Senator Nelson’s aide Anne, Rep Ron Simmons and Rep Pat Fallon.

We had great discussions with each legislator talking about school finance, high-stakes state testing, reworking the A-F accountability system and asking their stance on vouchers (we oppose).

Rally Day 2017_Graphic_Outlines.jpg
On Tuesday, January 24th  4,000 parents marched in Austin asking for taxpayer vouchers for private schools. If their rally is larger than our public school rally, what is that telling our legislators in Austin? Won’t you help support our public schools? One day will make a difference.
  • Sick of the over emphasis on STAAR?
  • Heard about the new A-F school ratings?
  • Want more of your property tax dollars to go to your schools?
If so, please join other concerned parents on Monday, February 27th for Rally Day in Austin. Click here to sign up to ride the bus to this history making event.
Click here for information on the event.


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