PTA Reflections – District Level

Congratulations to FMHS students Anika Saiprabhu and Zara Lahlou whose entries in the PTA Reflections program have advanced to the state level of judging!

Anika received Awards of Excellence at the district level for two entries: “Can You Hear Me?” in Film Production, and “Introspection” in Music Composition.

Zara received an Award of Excellence for her entry “For the Ones Who Matter” in Literature.

All entries that received an Award of Excellence at the district level advanced to state. 

Additionally, three FMHS students received Awards of Merit at the district level. They are:

Austin Davidson for “My Music Matters” in Photography
Vidhi Jadeja for “Barriers to Overcome” in Visual Arts
Riya Jadeja for “Unearthing the Layers Within” in Visual Arts

The works of art and the artists’ statements are reflections on the theme “I Matter Because…”. At the district level, every entry is judged by professionals in that category. They are judged solely on the merit of the artist’s work and are not compared to the other entries, then awarded Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, Honorable Mention or Participation based on artistic merit, creativity, mastery of the medium, and interpretation of the theme. All Award of Excellence entries advance to the state level for further judging. From there, the top entries advance to the national level.

Congratulations and good luck at state!