“Teens Helping Teens Feel The Comfort of Home”

Conceptional chalk drawing - Help needed
As a Jag Nation, we all have the heart of Giving and so here is information on our school-wide initiative for Hurricane Harvey.

With Homecoming approaching our focus is on Teens helping Teens feel the comfort of home and we are targeting items that other teens may need.

1. Please consider send a donation of any or all of the following by Sept 15th to school with your student:
• Toiletries- (Soap, Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste & toothbrushes)
• NEW underwear (varying sizes)
• NEW socks (varying sizes)

2. Collection bins will be stationed at the Homecoming Carnival on Sept 13th for the items listed above.

3. Volunteers from various organizations will be passing around buckets at the Homecoming Game for Monetary Donations.

4. During Jag Time on Sept 13th students will be asked to write letters of encouragement to the teens that may have been affected by the Hurricane.